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Broken Girl
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 About the Broken Girl 

Basic information about me and my music

Name: Crystal Hollenbeck
Born:Silver City, NM
Raised: Superior, Az
Currently living: Tempe, Az
I've been playing the guitar for about 5 years now, and writing songs just as long. I love being able to express myself through my's what I live for. I started out playing in Identity?unknowN with my friends Mathew Lira (lead guitar) , Daniel Thompson (bass), Mattew Escobar(lead/rhythm guitar), Micheal Avendano(Drums), and Micheal Macias(piano). I did guitars and bullshit (I liked fucking around with different sounds). I was temporarily in KDO (kindergarteen drop outs), and also attempted forming a band called MDS with my friends Ben Salinas and Rene Urquijo. (It failed due to certain personal problems I was dealing with...didn't have time to do any practices or anything like that). Ever since Identity?unknowN, I knew that I wanted to be onstage, performing in front of just took me untill now to get off my dumb ass and start working towards that dream. I don't know what else I should really put I'll just stop there.